Iranian Foreign Minister called on Iran's partners to act according to their commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Javad Zarif hoped that 4+1 group's efforts regarding the JCPOA turn to a positive conclusion.

"US support from the crimes of Isreal is the main problems of the region. The US also tries to violate Palestinians' rights with forming the deal of the century," Iranian Foreign Minister noted.

"No power can do anything against Iranian people, despite receiving a firm response. We will not start a war but if they start a war against us, they will not be the one who ends it," Zarif added.

"We have no expectation from the EU but to do what it is committed to do regarding the JCPOA," he noted.

"US economic war against Iran is so dangerous for the whole world. This war will make instability in the world and is dangerous for international order," Iranian Foreign Minister added.

Zarif mentioned his talks with his German counterpart and said that we have had a long, frank and serious conversation.

"Iran and EU both want to save JCPOA, they try to stop tensions and conflicts in the region, and both sides wanted Iranian people to be satisfied with the benefits of the agreement," Iranian Foreign Minister said.

"By withdrawing from JCPOA, the US wanted to target Iranian people. The people who were supposed to have huge benefits from the agreement," Zarif concluded.

For his turn, Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas mentioned his meeting with Zarif and said: "We talked about regional issues including Syria and we called for the support from UN acts regarding the Syrian crisis."

Germany’s foreign minister has arrived in Tehran on Monday, as part of a European effort to preserve Iran’s nuclear pact and discuss the implementation of European financial channel 'INSTEX'.

West European signatories, including Germany, want to try to keep the nuclear accord alive although they haven't fulfilled their promises in JCPOA, including forming INSTEX as a financial channel.

On Jan 31 Europe promised to create a financial channel between Iran and European countries but that promise is yet to be fulfilled.


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