The second 'Silk Road Exhibition' is currently underway in southern France, with the aim of introducing the French public to the arts, literature and handicrafts of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Uzbekistan.

Iran Press/Europe: The organisers of the exhibition say the main purpose of the exhibition is to promote cultural relations and to redirect public opinion, correcting some of the false assumptions and misconstrued ideas which exist in relation to Iran, Uzbekistan and other silk road countries.

The second silk road exhibition will last for seven days and will introduce the French public to history, literature, arts, and handicrafts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Uzbekistan, and various other countries which are part of the ancient silk road connecting China to West Asia and Europe, Iran Press reported.

The exhibition also informs the public about best ways of travel to silk road countries, and the places to see on such a visit.

One particular day of the seven-day exhibition has been designated as 'Iran Day' and visitors to the exhibition will also be able to taste Iranian cuisine on that day.

The exhibition will also introduce the French public to hand-woven carpets, architecture, medicine and poetry of Iran. French experts on Omar Khayyam, Sa'di, and Hafez introduce the French public to the poetry of these very well-known and world-famous Iranian poets. 101/211

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