Tens of researchers and academics have participated in TOPHPC congress which held in Tehran, Iran's capital.

Iran Press/Iran news: TopHPC is European and Asian joint event focused exclusively on High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics, with aims of providing an opportunity for industry experts, scientists and corporate decision-makers to discuss and exchange ideas about how to shape the future of HPC and Big Data, Iran Press News Agency reported.

This event focuses on High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data technological development and their applications in scientific fields, as well as its adoption in industrial and commercial environments.

TOPHPC congress holds in Tehran

Topics to be focused on the Congress are: Exascale Computing, Big Data Analytics, Big Data and HPC Convergence, Quantum Computing, Grids and Clouds for HPC, Algorithms for Extreme Scale in Practice, Performance Modeling and Prediction, Smart Cities, Infrastructure Optimization, Urban Data Analytics, Internet of Things, State of The Art in Life Science and Computational Systems Biology.

An exhibition was held on the sidelines of the Congress. The Exhibitor Forum provides manufacturers, vendors, HPC and Big Data analytics service providers with a venue to deliver a technical presentation that is open to both Exhibit and Technical Program attendees.

The Congress which is focused on forefront issues such as data, HPC services, usability, Big Data and exascale, will end on 25 April 2019.  104

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TOPHPC congress holds in Tehran