The head of the People's Council of Syria, Hammouda Sabbagh, has stressed that Damascus and Tehran were partners in fighting terrorism.

Iran Press/Middle East: Hammouda Sabbagh on Friday in a meeting with Allaeddine Boroujerdi, an Iranian Baghdad, emphasized that Iran is an honourable nation and Syria is proud of its strong relations with Iran.

Sabbagh said: "Damascus and Tehran were partners in fighting terrorism, and we hope that Iran will participate in reconstruction of Syria as well," IRNA reported.

Thanking the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and the people of Iran, he said, "No country helped us like Iran."

Elsewhere in his comments Sabbagh said America's unilateral sanctions against Iran are invalid, adding "Syria stresses its strong ties with Iran."

Turning to history, Sabbagh said: "It looks as if history is repeating itself. Once the United Kingdom gave Palestine as a gift to the Zionists and now the US is doing the same thing with the Golan Heights, giving it as a gift to the Israeli regime."He also said that the world should know that one day Palestine will return to Islam and also Golan Heights will return to Syria. 

Senior Iranian parliamentarian Allaeddine Boroujerdi is taking part in the inter-parliamentary meeting of Iraq's neighbors, on behalf of Iran's Majlis (parliament) speaker, Ali Larijani.He forthrightly condemned the US President Donald Trump's attempts to recognize the illegal annexation of Syria's Golan Heights by the occupying regime of Israel.

The two senior officials also discussed the most recent developments in mutual ties and regional issues.The inter-parliamentary meeting of Iraq's neighbours is underway in Baghdad with participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.105/211/207


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