Lebanon's President, Michel Aoun, has expressed his condolences to his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, over the death of three Iranian tourists in Beirut.

On Sunday, March 25, six people, all of them members of a large extended family, that had come to Beirut for Nowruz holidays fell into the sea, because of  windy weather and powerful waves crashing onto the rocky beach at Raouché. 

Local fishermen and rescue teams rushed to the scene of the incident and managed to save the lives of three people, but two of the victims, who were two girls, aged 9 and 15, died, and one man went missing. His body was recovered after two days in the Mediterranean Sea.

Iran's embassy in Beirut in coordination with Lebanese organizations formed a special committee to follow up on this incident and the fate of the family.

The dead bodies are scheduled to be transported to Iran, along with the other family members.