New Delhi (IP) - During a ceremony in New Delhi, officials, leaders of different religions, and Indian diplomats, along with ambassadors of some countries, condemned the terrorist attack on Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz.

Iran PressAsia:13 People, including 2 children, were martyred, and 30 pilgrims were injured in the armed attack on Shahcheragh, the holy shrine of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa (AS), in the city of Shiraz, the capital of Fars province, south of Iran, on Wednesday, October 26.

The ceremony was held at the Islamic Culture Center of India in New Delhi, and along with the officials, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and Muslims, commemorated the martyrs of the terrorist attack in Shiraz.

The speakers in the ceremony emphasized that the development of the Islamic Republic of Iran is admirable despite the enmity and conspiracies.

Iraj Elahi, Iran's ambassador to India, said in an interview with Iran Press News Agency that the current and former officials of India, the country that has suffered from terrorism, condemned the terrorist attack in Shiraz.

Iran's ambassador to India stated that some powers support Daesh and that terrorism and Daesh have not been destroyed and all countries in the region should work to eradicate them.


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