IP - The headquarters of the Central Command of the United States of America (CENTCOM) claimed Yemen's Ansarullah launched the missile attack in Bab al-Mandeb on Friday morning.

Iran Press/ West Asia: "Midday Dec. 14 (Sanaa time), a ballistic missile was fired from a Houthi-controlled area of Yemen toward the international shipping lane north of the Bab-el-Mandeb," Centcom wrote on its X page.

CENTCOM further claimed: "There were no injuries or damage."

US Central Command said the incident did not involve US forces, but that they are closely monitoring the situation.

Ansarullah did not react to CENTCOM's claim about this missile attack, but on Thursday night, it confirmed the drone attack on a container ship bound for the Zionist regime.

The armed forces of Yemen announced on Thursday night that the Yemeni forces targeted another ship of the Zionist regime with a drone.

In the statement of these forces, it was said that the Yemeni Navy attacked a container ship named "Mirsk Gibraltar" which was bound for Israelis with a drone.

According to this statement, this ship was attacked by a drone and this drone directly hit the ship.

The Yemeni armed forces announced that the drone operation took place after the crew of the ship did not pay attention to the request of the Yemeni navy.

Previously, "Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi", a member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, said: "We recommend that the ships follow the orders of the Yemeni Navy to avoid risks in the Red Sea. Also, our recommendation is that the identity of the ships should not be falsified, and the flags should be removed except for the flag of the ship's owner, and the ships traveling through the Red Sea should not be destined for the occupied coasts of Palestine."

He said: "The Yemeni armed forces have clearly announced their goals for the victory of Gaza, which includes stopping the American and Israeli terrorist attack on this strip."

During the past weeks, the Yemeni army targeted several ships of the Zionist regime in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab strait in support of the resistance of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The Yemeni Navy had previously warned that they will continue military operations against Israeli ships and interests until its aggressions on Gaza and its crimes against the Palestinian nation are stopped.

The Yemeni armed forces had previously announced that in response to the Zionist  regime's military action in the Gaza Strip, it will target any Israeli ship that is available.


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