The main agents of instability in the so-called middle East are Europe and its overgrown colony in North America, says a member of the European Parliament.

Iran PressEurope: "Since the Crusades, people there have every reason to be sick of the sight of us, Britain and France built instability into the region when Sykes and Picot drew its borders," Clare Daly added.

"It was Britain that planted the seeds of Israel's apartheid regime in Palestine divide and rule just as it did in Ireland, and the West never had any qualms about backing dictators as long as they protected our interests," she said, adding, "So how did overthrowing Mossadegh promote stability?" "Was the Iran-Iraq war good for security? Did backing the Mujahideen(MKO) cover us in glory?," EU MP said.

"Every so-called Western investigation, the occupation of Iraq, the disaster of Afghanistan, the NATO bombing of Libya, the backing of Islamist extremism in Syria, Saudis' genocidal assault on Yemen all produced seismic waves of instability that tremor down for decades, leaving broken countries, hobbled economies, violence, trauma, and permanent conflict and the end of that we stroke our chins pretend we’ve nothing to do about and ask how we, we are going to promote stability in the region.You have got to be joking," Mrs. Daly ended.


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