American Islamic scholar:

Washington (IP): The founder and Director of Zaitun Dawah Institute USA has described what is happening in Palestinian territory as the antithesis of what the Western world has created.

Iran PressAmerica: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency, Sheikh Muhammad Awal said Israel is losing support in America and other Western countries as it continues to have fundamentally unethical and inhuman attitudes towards people living in Palestinian territory.

“What is happening today is the antithesis of what the Western world has created, it is a monster that they have created, so what is happening today as you can see is that the Israelites have got the license to slaughter, to debase, to destroy, to decapitate the children of Palestine. And when we go back to history, we can understand that what is going on is something that has been well orchestrated by the Western part of the world. Before 1948 there was nothing like Israelite or Israel at all, those who don’t know should go back and read, in 1971 the western part of the world and a few other nations got together and decided to give part of Palestine to Israeli, but the ancient map does not show any sign that the line belongs to the Israeli, so it’s very unfortunate what we see by the western world agreeing to arm the Israelite with war machinery that is so decapitated and it’s just deplorable and so, therefore, the Muslims have to get together and do the best that they can to support their own, what is happening is so unfathomable”.

“Nations all over the world, Nations all over the globe are asking Israeli to stop the ethnic cleansing and to stop the slaughtering of children and women, hospitals are been bombarded and refugee camps are been flattened and this is the order of the day since no one saying anything about it so, therefore, is about time we wake up and smell the coffee”.

The Director also criticized the American government for its continued support of Israel for the occupation of Palestinian lands and the mistreatment of Palestinians.

“According to what we are seeing today, we are seeing unprecedented support from the people of the United States, from California to the tip of New York and Miami, every state of the fifty states is out in the street demonstrating, in Times Square is excruciating, I see a lot of people that I was even crying because it is just so much and most of those who are supporting Palestine's cause are non-Muslims. This is only natural, this is humanitarian, this has to do with something that is in human nature to repeal, to not agree with it, it is unagreeable, so what is happening is a wakeup call for the Americans, they’ve realized that what is happening is wrong, in terms of human nature is wrong in term of natural nature is wrong in terms of ethical is wrong in any angle you look at it, so, therefore, one believes that the demonstration is going to mass up again because I spoke to the professor of Preston university I learned they are organizing another fifteen different demonstrations again to come and it means the world doesn’t like what is going on”. The support from the Americans is something we expect not only in America, in London in Germany in Holland, in Mexico, and in every part of the world people are rising to challenge what is happening today and it’s going to keep on coming, the Israelis are killing their selves they are digging the hole that they will eventually fall in it.

“And of course this will create a negative impact on the American government, because yesterday my office in Washington state sent me a video where the Muslims gathered all over the world, about twenty-five million Muslims in Arizona and Seattle Washington with over fifteen million Muslims in Philadelphia which is unbelievable that have all come together to say they have renounced voting for Biden, so right now as we speak the Biden administration have lost more than Forty-five percent of its supposed to be a democratic vote.

"And I think Joe Biden will lose the coming election if he stands looking at what is happening now. People are swearing on the street that they are not going to vote for Biden. So the negative impact that is coming to the United States government is so unprecedented and it’s going to keep on going down sliding until the United States government is forced to reckon with”.

Sheikh Muhammad Awal noted, "Every year the United States government gives Israel three billion USA dollars, these are our taxpayers' money given to Israel just because America needs a base in the Middle East, they lie about things that is going on and they lie and lie and the same lie is going down again so they could do the war. The United States government is pinching their feelings, the pain of the war, they wish they didn’t support the Israelis because the Israelis are up to destroy themselves by doing this war by trying to ethnic cleanse Palestine and anybody who supports Israel will lose as well." 204

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