(IP)- The President of Azerbaijan said that in case a new conflict with Armenia breaks out, France is to be blamed for it.

Iran PressAsia:  Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, in a call with the President of the European Council on Saturday, accused France of deploying weapons to Armenia to create a new conflict in the region.

"The provision of arms by France to Armenia was an approach that does not serve peace, but intended to create a new conflict, and if a new conflict occurs in the region, France will be responsible for creating it," Aliyev said in the call with Charles Michel.

Aliyev called the European Parliament's statement "based on the xenophobic".

Michel expressed the Union's commitment to the normalization process of Armenia and Baku before the trilateral meeting in Brussels, where the Azeri president, in protest of France's recent military and diplomatic actions in support of Armenia, rejected the invitation on Thursday.

The meeting was supposed to be held on the sidelines of the third summit of the European political community.


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