Tehran (IP) - Mehrdad Bazrpash, Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, announced that fruitful decisions were made during a recent meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran. One of these decisions was to proceed with the launch of the Astarachay terminal.

Iran PressIran News: "I will travel to Baku next week to follow up on other agreements from the recent meeting between officials from the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran in the road sector," Mehrdad Bazrpash told Iran Press on Wednesday after government weekly cabinet meeting.

The Astara border crossing in the Northern Iranian province of Gilan is a crucial customs point in Iran, situated in Astara and adjacent to AstraChai.

The Astarachay is a river that defines the eastern border between Iran and Azerbaijan in Western Asia. It is a tributary of the Caspian Sea. After flowing in a canyon through the Alborz mountain range, it reaches its river mouth on the southwestern Caspian coast.

These two cities share the same name, one in Iran and one in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The bridge at the end of Astarachay connects Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, Bazrpash stated that the comprehensive agreement between Iran and Syria was approved during today's cabinet session.

This agreement serves as a comprehensive document for cooperation between both countries in road and urban development.