An Associated Press photographer has been pushed and beaten by Israeli police in an unprovoked attack while covering a protest in a al-Quds neighborhood.

Iran PressMiddle East: Mahmoud Illean was bleeding after the attack and taken to a hospital with head wounds.

Illean was attacked in Sheikh Jarrah, where longtime Palestinian residents are battling efforts by Jewish settlers to evict them from their homes.

Videos show an officer pushing him back to the ground and then punching him several times.

The AP says it is outraged, while a local press advocacy group has called for disciplinary action against the officers involved. The Israeli regime have not commented.

"The Foreign Media Association, which represents 400 journalists working for the international media based in occupied Palestine, said Friday's event was one of several Israeli police attacks on journalists."

Israeli forces have arrested, wounded or martyred hundreds of journalists so far.

The Committee to Protect Palestinian Journalists recently stated that the purpose of the Zionist regime in detaining, injuring or martyring journalists is to prevent the regime from exposing its crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people.

Zionist Israeli forces have repeatedly raided the homes of Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in recent months.

Dozens of Palestinian families living in the neighborhood are at risk of being forcibly displaced by the Zionist regime.

The Zionist regime's decision to expel the residents of this neighborhood in recent months has led to a wave of condemnation and international criticism. 219