The leader of Yemen's Ansarallah Movement stated that September 11 was a project launched by the Israeli regime to get dominant over the world's Muslims.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Abdul Malek Bade el-Din al-Houthi said on Tuesday evening that the US and the Israeli regime collided to occupy the Islamic countries and change their identity, so the regime launched the September 11 attack project. 

Al-Houthi made the remarks on the martyrdom anniversary of the late Founder of Yemen's Ansarallah Movement Hussein Al-Houthi, blaming the former government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the US' puppet in the region for his martyrdom. 

He described Hussein Al-Houthi as the martyr of the Quran who was assassinated under the US' supervision: "With his Quranic plan, Hussein Al-Houthi led the [Islamic] Ummah to confront the attacks of the US, Israel and the West."

"At that time, Israel's attacks on the Palestinian nation were also more frequent, and the Arab countries only used to present peace plans. America also had military control over these countries."

He highlighted the US' economic domination along with its security and political control over the Islamic countries.

The security domination took place through the deployment of the Takfiri terrorists and their control over the nations along with the spread of all kinds of crimes and seditions; in terms of political domination, the US disturbed political stability in the Islamic countries, al-Houthi explained.  219

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