Kano(IP)- Hundreds of Muslims in the ancient city of Kano, the Centre of the Northern states of Nigeria angrily took to the streets to protest the desecration of the holy Qur'an and condemn Sweden and Netherlands for supporting the acts of provocations and disrespecting Islamic religion.

Iran PressAfrica: Imam Ya'qoub Kurna during the protest said all the terrorist actions and disrespecting Islam are being done by the order and full support of the European governments, which is why they give protection to the people doing the crimes. 

On Sunday, the extremist Danish-Swedish,  political leader, Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan burned the holy Qur'an outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden under the protection of Swedish police. Also on Monday, a video on social media showed the leader of the Islamophobic group, Edwin Wagensveld tearing out pages of the holy Qur'an in the Hague, actions that caused condemnations and protests in Islamic countries.

The protesters in Nigeria were seen in the streets holding so many copies of the holy Qur'an, chanting "Death to Sweden, death to the Netherlands" and also burning the Swedish flag.

On Friday, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei denounced the desecration of the holy Qur'an by some Europeans, saying that the desecration of the Quran shows the Arrogant Powers’ enmity with Islam itself.

He called on all the freedom-seekers of the world to confront the wicked plot to insult sanctities and spread hate.


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