American and British aggressor forces bombarded Ras Isa in western Yemen for the third time in the last 24 hours.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to al-Masirah, Yemeni local sources reported the renewed attack of the United States and United Kingdom on western Yemen. It is reported that the "Ras Isa" area in the town of "Al-Salif" in Hodeidah in western Yemen was targeted for the third time in the last 24 hours.

Yemeni sources also pointed to the US and British attack on the Al-Qutinat district in the city of Baqim in Yemen.

These attacks continue while Sana'a has announced that it targets ships belonging to the Zionist regime and ships that go to occupied Palestinian ports in support of Gaza and lifting its blockade.

After the attacks of the United States and the United Kingdom, the ships of these two countries are also considered legitimate targets for Yemeni forces to attack.

Yemenis have declared their open support for Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation since the regime launched a devastating war on Gaza on October 7 after the territory’s Palestinian resistance movements carried out a surprise retaliatory attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying entity.

Yemeni Armed Forces have said that they won’t stop their attacks until unrelenting Israeli ground and aerial offensives in Gaza, which have killed around 28,000 people and wounded another 67,000 individuals, come to an end. 219 

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