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  • Trump speaks at young conservative student action summit in West Palm Beach, Florida
    Trump speaks at young conservative student action summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed his impeachment by falsely claiming Democrats didn't follow the correct proceedings laid out by the US Constitution.

Iran Press/America: Speaking to a crowd of conservative students, Trump incorrectly accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats of "violating the Constitution" and then decided to abandon the case.

“Crazy Nancy, she’s crazy,” the president said of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“So now she says she has no case, so let’s not submit it. That’s good right? But you know what, so unfair. She has no case,” Trump said, lingering on Pelosi’s decision to at least temporarily withhold the articles of impeachment in a bid to force Senate Republicans to hold a fair trial.

Trump’s remarks came as he kicked off his two-week winter getaway with the keynote address to Turning Point USA’s annual student action summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, not far from his Mar-a-Lago resort. It was a chance to bask in the love of some of his fiercest supporters, with scores of twenty-somethings donning “Make America Great Again” hats.

But if the president’s speech was meant to fire up thousands of college-aged conservatives, he couldn’t help but complain about the way he’s been treated on Capitol Hill.

“They had nothing, there’s no crime. There’s no nothing, how do you impeach you had no crime,” Trump said. “Even their own lawyers said they have no impeachment, what are doing here? The world is watching.”

Trump was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Wednesday for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rivals and then blocking the House’s inquiry. Trump is infuriated by the stain on his legacy but has sought to emphasize how Republican lawmakers have stuck by him.

The impeachment vote on Wednesday charging the President with high crimes and misdemeanors was almost entirely split along party lines. And on Saturday, Trump thanked House Republicans for sticking together on the impeachment vote.  All 195 House GOP members voted against the two articles of impeachment.

Praising House GOP members Trump said: "What kind of great support did we have from those incredible congressmen and women this week. They got up, and they spoke and they were fantastic."   211/104

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