The 15th International Automobile Industry Exhibition is currently underway in the city of Isfahan and it will last until Friday, February 1.

Iran Press/Iran news: The 15th International Automobile Industry Exhibition is currently held at the permanent exhibition hall of Isfahan province, 406 kilometers (252 miles) south of Tehran. It will last until Friday, February 1, according to an Iran Press report.

The exhibition will showcase 20 leading brands of domestic and foreign-manufactured cars, and it will display the latest models and technology.

Companies providing auto-services are also taking part. 

In addition, some other extra activities have been planned on the sidelines of the event including driver tests by some of the leading automotive companies as well as the presence of foreign brands.

Those who are really interested in the automobile industry can visit the international exhibition located in the Shahrestan bridge in Isfahan Province from 15:00 to 22:00 each day. 203/103

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