Palestine (IP) – In the wake of the Palestinian Resistance's rocket attack on the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, 7 Zionist settlers were wounded.

Iran PressMiddle East: Following the martyrdom of the Palestinian captive Sheikh Khader Adnan in the Israeli prisons, Resistance forces in Gaza fired 22 missiles at Israeli positions around the strip on Tuesday evening.

According to Palestinian sources, one of the 7 Zionist settlers is in severe condition.

The attack sounded alarms in the occupied territories and forced the Israeli Prime Minister to hold an urgent meeting with the regime's authorities including the defense minister, army chief of staff, deputy head of the Israel Security Agency (SHABAK), and a number of Israeli commanders. 

The spokesperson of the Israeli regime's army also confirmed that 22 rockets were fired from Gaza towards the occupied Palestinian territories, of which the defense systems could intercept just four.

Sheikh Khader Adnan, one of the leaders and senior members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ), was martyred in the prison of the Israeli regime after 86 days of hunger strike.


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