The second student parliament started on Wednesday morning with the presence of the head of the parliamentary research center.

Iran Press/Iran news: The student parliament is a simulation of the parliament representation for students, in which the participating students will have the opportunity in one month not only to get acquainted with the mechanism of the activity of the parliament, but also to be in the process of designing and approving development programs, and at the same time to learn about the basic challenges. 

referring to the leader's emphasis on "transformation" and entrusting work to the people, Babak Negahdari, head of the Majlis Research Center, said: transformations are one of the principles that can be reflected in the country's development plan.

He added: What features should the pattern of progress and development have? According to religious values, the proposed model will be based on ethics.

Referring to the duties of the government in the development plan, he said: Facilitating the business environment and providing public services are among the tasks that the government can include in the development plan. 

The government should be a supporter of the people, not their competitor, he stated.

He added that "human capital" is the most important capital of the country that leads to productivity. People's economy is much bigger than the government's economy.

In the end, referring to the obstacles in development, he said: disappointing the young generation in the absence of a suitable future is one of the most important factors to consider.


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