Tehran (IP)- The Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran said: "The day of misery began after the British occupation of Palestine, and it was this event that paved the way for the formation of the Zionist regime."

Iran PressIran News: "Occupying Palestine was not easy, and a variety of techniques were used to confront the Palestinian people, and the migration of Jews to Palestine was agreed upon," Nasser Abu Sharif said at a meeting on "The morning of Palestinian victory is near."

Abu Sharif added: "Zionist policies continued with the forced expatriate and killing of the Palestinian people, but the people continue to resist despite all these crimes."

Referring to the role of the United States in strengthening the Zionist regime, he spoke about the martyrdom of Aljazeera journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh by Israeli forces and said that the international community never condemned the perpetrator of the crime (the Zionist regime).

Nasser Abu Sharif stressed that 9 Palestinians had been martyred since the beginning of the current year, but not a single complaint has been filed in this regard, so we hold the West responsible for all these crimes.

Ahmad Hossein Fallahi, the head of the "Quds and Resistance Faction" in the parliament, also said at the ceremony: "Once, the Zionist regime was showing off its power with the support of the West, but today, with the rise of the resistance, the regime is surrounded."

The MP added: "The Zionist regime is wiping out. Today, we must prepare the mechanism for the destruction of the Zionist regime and think only of the liberation of Al- Quds and Palestine."