Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said on Thursday that the late Imam Khomeini in his lifetime solved the hurdles of problems through knowledge, science and new thoughts.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani's remarks came as he was speaking on the sidelines of the virtual inauguration ceremony of the national projects of the agricultural sector in the fields of agricultural water and soil, natural resources, and watershed management.

In today's ceremony, 20,000 hectares of drainage of agricultural lands in Golestan province and 37 aquaculture projects were inaugurated and the implementation of two fisheries projects on the southern coast of Iran was commenced.

In addition, 1,634 greenhouse projects with an area of 1,217 hectares were put into operation in Iran on Thursday.

The Center for smart Agricultural Monitoring and Management of Iran is another project that was put into operation in the presence of the President.

The investment value of these projects is 7,521 billion tomans and will create employment for 15,794 people.

These projects are being implemented in the provinces of Golestan, Yazd, Qazvin, and Tehran.

Coercion never triumph over thought

Iran's President, stating that the whole message of the June 5 uprising (Khordad 15th) is that weapons and coercion will not prevail against thought, emphasized: "Guns, prisons, pressure, etc. can never be a way forward and cannot prevent the path that reason, wisdom and thought to recommend us."

Pointing to the US sanctions against Iran, he continued: "These openings are a good sign for enemies and ill-wishers. They thought that with sanctions, they could stop everything, but we wanted to make them aware with these openings on Thursdays that the Iranian people and the country's managers will continue their efforts to produce even in the most difficult conditions of the country."

Referring to today's inaugurations, the President stated: "Today, more than seven thousand and 500 billion Tomans of plans and projects were inaugurated and more than 16 thousand people were employed. More than 20,000 hectares were drained. This will double the income of the agricultural sector and increase agricultural production."

"Everything today should be based on science," Rouhani said. "Science and knowledge make us believe. If you believe in making, everyone will come to the scene. The Imam increased the beliefs and with his new knowledge and thought, he founds the solutions for problems and his enthusiasts took the path."

Emphasizing that no power can oppose the idea, he said: "June 5 showed that a regime that was armed to the teeth and relied on the United States wanted to fight the Imam's idea and failed. The June 5's message is that weapons and coercion will not prevail against thought. The people who believed in the way, belief, thought and movement of the Imam, resisted bullets, torture, imprisonment, etc., and achieved the victory of the movement."


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