Belgium (IP) - More than 200 of the European Union staff protested the body's indifference to the humanitarian crisis going on in Gaza due to the Israeli war on the strip.

Iran PressEurope: According to The Guardian, the staff members of EU institutions and agencies have signed a letter on Friday expressing “growing concern” over the union’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, arguing that it runs contrary to its core values and aim of promoting peace.

The US-backed Israeli unprecedented genocide of the Palestinian people began on October 7, as the result of which over 35,800 people have so far been martyred. Israel says it seeks to destroy the Hamas resistance movement. 

The letter, signed by 211 people in their personal capacity as citizens and addressed to the EU’s top three officials, begins by condemning the 7 October attacks “in the strongest terms”.

It warns that the EU’s “continued apathy to the plight of Palestinians” risks normalizing a world order where the sheer use of force determines state security, territorial integrity, and political independence.

Zeno Benetti, one of the organizers of the protest measure told the British paper: "We couldn’t believe that our leaders who were so vocal about human rights and who described Europe as the beacon of human rights were suddenly so silent about the crisis unfolding in Gaza."

Besides being martyred and wounded, the Gazans are struggling with famine and starvation created due to the war. 

The anti-Israeli rallies and gatherings are spreading over the world, in the West mostly highlighted in the US universities.

The letter that called for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza noted: “The EU’s inability to respond to these increasingly desperate calls is in clear contradiction with the values that the EU stands for and that we stand for.” 

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, Roberta Metsola, the president of the European parliament, and Charles Michel, the head of the European Council was supposed to receive the letter. 204