US (IP) - The Police in the US arrested 550 university students due to protest against the Israeli war on Gaza and the Secretary of State Blinken called the protests the hallmark of democracy in his country.

Iran PressAmerica: While the academic society of the US has raised their voice upon the US support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza, Antoni Blinken called on the protesters to object Hamas resistance group in Palestine. 

Let's say that on October 7, 2023, the Palestinian resistance groups carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the Israeli regime's forces in response to the regime's daily crimes against the Palestinian people during 75 years of occupation of Palestine since 1948.

Since October 7 and the beginning of the all-out Israeli war on Gaza, over 34,000 people have been martyred and over 76,770 others have been wounded, besides dealing with famine and starvation. 

Yet the American Secretary of State Antoni Blinken said the demonstration "formed across the country's universities against the war on Gaza was a sign of democracy!"

Blinken calls the academic class of his country the ones who have demonstrated out of "strong, passionate feelings" and that the administration was doing all it could to halt the war.

But it was a few days ago that the US vetoed the UNSC resolutions to stop the war on Gaza and the membership of Palestine in the council. 

“What we’re also seeing is people, young people, people from different walks of life, who do feel very passionately, who’ve had very strong emotions about (the conflict),” Blinken told CNN.

Blinken says the protesters act "passionately" as there are 60,000 pregnant women in Gaza living in harsh conditions, 75% of the wounded in Gaza are women, and 70% of the missing are women and children, yet the international communities either keep silent or utter words without action, if there is no veto.

The US Secretary of State talks in such a confident way about democracy and freedom of expression in the country that seems as if no one was arrested due to protests against the Israeli genocide in the ongoing demonstrations.

This way either the media lie about the mass arrests, and the police are just fondling the protesters, or the democracy Blinken talks about is a special type of democracy, a West-specific one.

The US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel, however, justified the arrests and suppression of the American students under the pretext of “harmful rhetoric" against the Israeli Zionists.

So there again the suppressors must answer the general public of the world that why the people hate Israel. 

By Seyyed Mohammad Kazemi Avangi


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