Buenos Aires (IP): Social movements, human rights organizations, and political parties marched in the city of Buenos Aires. There were also marches and events in different parts of the country.

Iran PressAmerica: Students, teachers, and leaders from various political parties held a Federal University March to protest the budget cuts to national universities under the slogan "in defense of public education". Last February, Argentina's most prestigious university, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), declared a budgetary emergency. 

The demand for more resources for the 36 national universities raised a clamor and shook Javier Milei's Government. It was a massive mobilization, with about 800,000 people according to UBA estimates. "Saving on education enriches ignorance," "public education always," "if there is no justice for the people, I do not want peace for the government," "public education is not for sale, it is defended," were some of the signs. 

Moreover, the demonstrators emphasized against the government: "I can't make it to the end of the month, I have to borrow money from a family member or friend because salaries are very low and inflation is very high, this is the work of the government. The worst government of democracy," said Fernando, a graduate of the public university. 

"Milei's government has two major objectives against public universities. On one hand, the attempt of huge educational privatization that far exceeds the idea of charging tuition, and on the other hand, the idea of destroying teachers' salaries," said Joaquín, a student at the public university and activist. 

Patricia Bullrich, the President's Minister of Security, and the legislators from La Libertad Avanza, the political party led by Javier Milei, did not join the mobilization but demanded that funding be ensured to guarantee the operation of the universities and that an audit be carried out to control the allocation of funds. 

Likewise, Yamil Santoro, a legislator and supporter of the government, stated: "We want accountability because the last comprehensive audit at the UBA was in 2013." He also maintained: "They do it under false premises, suggesting a hypothetical risk of closing public universities." 204

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