Kano (IP): People in Kano State of Northwestern Nigeria on Monday evening took to the streets to call the attention of the countrymen on the importance of boycotting products related to Israel and at the same celebrated Iran's retaliatory attacks on Israel that took place on Saturday.

Iran PressAfrica: From the beginning, the celebrants held flags of Palestine and photos of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini and Sheikh Zakzaky marched through the streets with banners that showed some of the common Israeli-related products that people should stop buying or selling them, while another banner is containing the inscription "Stop the genocide in Gaza now".

They stopped at Kofar Ruwa bridge where they placed American and Israeli flags on the ground, vehicles matching them.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mukhtar Maigari Musa, a citizen of Nigeria said the Saturday's rain of ballistic missiles on Israeli military bases by Iran has brought joy and happiness not only to all Muslims of the world but to entire people with a sense of humanity across the world.

"We thank Allah the Almighty. Today, the entire world is happy including here in Africa. Iran has brought happiness to the world. Iran has shown humanity, respect and dignity. Now it is clear that Iran is the mother who protects the oppressed people. Iran has destroyed the military bases of Zionists, oppressors and their weakness has been exposed."

May Allah continue to help Iran. We will continue to chant Labbayk ya Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Labbayk ya Seyyed Ali Khamenei, we answer to you leader of Islam.

Another citizen of Nigeria who participated in the event, Auwal Inuwa in an exclusive interview with Iran Press has also expressed his delight for the deadly blow given to Israel by Iran. He described Iran's attacks against the Zionist regime as blessings from Allah and it has become necessary for them to express their joy.

"We thank Allah for this victory. And we know that it was not Iran's power. It was the power of God. Allah is using Iran to punish the devil. We urge Muslim nations around the world to imitate the Islamic Republic of Iran in helping and protecting the oppressed. If we cannot use weapons to fight zionist oppressors like Iran did, at least we can boycott their products or American products that fund the terrorist state such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc. I will conclude by saying Labbayk ya Kamenei, Labbayk ya Iran."

Masses in many countries such as Canada, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Yemen among others have celebrated Iran`s punishment against the Zionist regime who on 1 April launched a terrorist attack on the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria, killing seven people, among them two IRGC commanders.


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