Rome (IP) - Students and professors of universities all over Italy went on strike to boycott the call for scientific and academic cooperation between Italy and Israel.

Iran Press/ Europe: According to Iran Press, at the same time as this strike, on Tuesday evening, students held anti-Israel demonstrations in major Italian cities.

Dozens of students of the Great University of Rome (La Sapienza) on behalf of the students of this university gathered in front of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demanded the termination of Italian academic cooperation with Israel.

Federico Manetti, one of the protesting students, told the Iranpress reporter in Rome: "Today, throughout Italy, students, professors, and researchers are on strike in protest of the scientific, industrial, and academic cooperation agreement between Italy and Israel."

This Italian student emphasized that the student strike in Italy started months ago in protest against the killing of Palestinians living in Gaza.

While protesting the presence of Italy in the Aspides military mission in the Red Sea and sending weapons to the Israeli regime, Manti said: "The increase in global tension is the result of the policies of NATO, Western countries, the European Union such as Italy, which intend to advance their imperialist policies."

Free Palestine, Israel must withdraw from Italian universities, cooperation with Israeli universities means complicity in the genocide in Gaza, were among the slogans of the students in this rally.

Vincenzo Miliucci, an Italian activist, also told the Iranpress reporter in Rome: "The anti-Israel student movement should be supported. University students and professors in Italy try to prevent Italian universities from joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs call to continue scientific and academic cooperation with Israel."

This pro-Palestinian activist emphasized that despite the genocide in Gaza, Western governments have not taken any position to support the oppressed Palestinian people, adding: "It is unacceptable that Italian universities cooperate with Israel while this regime's forces are massacring Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip."

Italian media announced that more than 2,500 professors and researchers from various universities have written a letter demanding the suspension of the country's academic cooperation with Israel.

Italian academics have stated in this letter that the continuation of Italian academic cooperation with Israeli universities means complicity in killing the innocent people of Gaza.


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