Sana'a (IP) - The Foreign Minister of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen emphasized that the Islamic revolution has propelled Iran forward in all aspects.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Hisham Sharaf Abdullah spoke to an Iran Press reporter during the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution at the Iranian Embassy in Sana'a, highlighting Iran's advancements in economic, scientific, political, and military fields.

The Foreign Minister stated that the most significant outcome of the Iranian revolution was the rise of a powerhouse known as the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region, with the Islamic world taking pride in its achievements. He also noted that the Islamic revolution has been a staunch supporter of keeping Palestine's cause and name alive globally.

Hizam al-Assad, a member of Yemen's Ansarullah movement's political office, emphasized that the impact of the Iranian revolution extends beyond regional borders, making Palestine a central issue both regionally and globally.

Another member of Ansarullah's political office, Ali al-Ghahhum, echoed similar sentiments, stating that Iran's revolution has challenged oppressors at national, regional, and global levels while bringing joy to Arabs and Muslims.

Al-Ghahhum highlighted Imam Khomeini's ideology and his significant Islamic movement as proof that individuals can achieve great feats when driven by determination. He further emphasized Iran's unwavering support towards Gaza, Palestine, and Al-Quds amidst regional challenges. 204