London(IP)- Shi'ite Muslims and devotees across Britain commemorated the birth anniversary of Imam Ali with fervor and devotion.

Iran PressEurope: Mosques and Islamic centers became hubs of joyous celebration, echoing with prayers, recitations, and the fragrance of spirituality.

The Islamic Centre of England in London served as a vibrant microcosm of the diverse community celebrating Imam Ali's birth.

Shi'ites of various nationalities, united by their faith, filled the atmosphere with chants of praise and heartfelt prayer.

Speakers, addressing the crowd in Farsi, English, and Arabic, shed light on Imam Ali's exemplary life, highlighting his wisdom, courage, and unwavering dedication to justice.

The speakers emphasized the practical relevance of Imam Ali's teachings, suggesting studying his life and emulating his noble qualities.

Reciters wove their chants, captivating the audience with melodious verses composed in Persian, English, and Arabic. Birth poems celebrating Imam Ali's legacy resonated through the hall, while heartfelt prayers for the Zuhoor - the reappearance of the hidden Imam - resonated deeply with the faithful.

The celebration at the Islamic Centre of England transcended national borders. Iranians mingled with devotees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, and several other countries, showcasing the unifying power of shared faith and respect for Imam Ali.

The joyous spirit of the occasion was not confined to London. In other major British cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, and Glasgow, similar celebrations unfolded, each community adding its unique flavor to the tapestry of devotion. 219

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