Iraqi sources announced on Wednesday morning that the US launched attacks on Islamic resistance positions.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Iraqi sources announced that the military college in Jarf al-Nasr and an area near the Trebil crossing on the Iraq-Jordan border were targeted by attacks.

A US military official told Al-Jazeera that the forces of this country are currently conducting attacks on military bases in western Iraq.

The Islamic resistance forces of Iraq, earlier on Tuesday night, once again attacked the Ain al-Asad base where the US military is stationed in the west of the country.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance, while taking responsibility for the first attack, announced that it targeted Ain al-Asad for the second time in the past few hours. 

This resistance group has not mentioned the damage and possible casualties of these two attacks.
On Saturday evening, the Islamic resistance of Iraq targeted the Ain al-Asad base in western Iraq with a massive rocket attack.

In a statement, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack and announced that a large number of rockets were used in the attack.

In the past few days, US military bases in Iraq and Syria have been targeted by drone, rocket and missile attacks on several occasions.

Following the crimes and barbaric attacks of the Israeli regime against the oppressed people of Palestine, especially Gaza, and Washington's support for these attacks, the Islamic resistance of Iraq had warned the United States that it would target the country's bases in the region.

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