Tehran (IP)- The strategic nanocatalysts of petrochemicals and refineries were unveiled today in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

During the visit of Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi, Vice President for Science and Technology to a knowledge-based company, "acetylene converter" and "xylenes and ethylene-benzene isomerization catalyst to paraxylene" were unveiled. These 2 products are produced for the first time.

Acetylene conversion catalyst in ethylene stream is used in Gachsaran, Bandar Imam, Ilam, and Amirkabir petrochemicals and is currently used in Gachsaran petrochemicals.

This catalyst is one of the most important and sensitive catalysts of the group of precious metals, which is used in ethylene production petrochemicals. 80% of this catalyst is made of silver and its annual consumption in the country is about 200 tons, which in terms of cost includes more than 60 million euros.

In this ceremony, Dehghani said: In Iran, despite the sanctions, we have men and women who work hard.

He emphasized: One of the effects of nanotechnology is this catalysis, which serves the country with its cheapness and availability in sanctions by reducing foreign exchange (300 million dollars).

Dehghani added: Local power is now operational and parts of the oil and petrochemical economy are dependent on local knowledge-based companies.

He said: "Technology needs five to ten years to grow, but this is very valuable. Today, we have better tools than in the past, which we should appreciate."204