Islamabad (IP)- Pakistani Minister for Commerce condemned the Israeli regime's statement about Human Rights in Pakistan and considered the regime ineligible to talk about such matters.

Iran PressAsia:  Federal Minister for Commerce of the Government of Pakistan Kurram Dastgir Khan said: "A regime that oppressed Palestinians for many years should not give us (Pakistan) lectures [about human rights]; Israel's history is full of Palestinian blood.” 

The Federal Minister made the comments at a Press conference in Islamabad, adding that not only have Palestinians been expelled from their homelands but also they were oppressed and crimes were committed against them. 

Dastgir Khan further referred to the Sabra and Shatila massacre and recalled that the regime's terrorism would continue until the destruction of whole Palestinian populations.

The Pakistani Minister found the Israeli Regime ineligible regarding Human Rights and noted that the Israeli Regime, which kills Palestinians, who resist and defend their homeland with stones, should not talk about human rights.

He posed the question of why they (the Israeli regime) never made such a statement (about Human Rights) before, and that is why the statement is issued now. The Pakistani Federal Minister made the remarks in response to Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Adi Farjon.

Israel's Permanent Representative to the UN, Adi Farjon, said during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council that Israel was “deeply concerned about the overall rights situation in Pakistan." 


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