Palestine (IP) - The Saraya al-Quds brigades, the military branch of Palestine's Islamic Jihad Movement, held a military exercise near the borders of occupied Palestine.

Iran PressMiddle East: Under the slogan of "Loyalty to the Revolutionaries", the Palestinian Resistance brigades practiced presence on the battlefield equipped with different types of weapons and amputations.  

They successfully tested several kinds of rockets and missiles that hit the predetermined targets of the hypothetical enemy's positions.

The spokesman for the military drill said at the end of the training of the forces, equipping them, and simulating operation scenarios on the battlefield against the Zionist army was successfully carried out with the aim of defending Palestine.  

Abu Hamza noted that the main goal of the drill was to express the loyalty of the Saraya al-Quds brigades to the Resistance front's forces in the West Bank. 


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