Yemen (IP) - The Leader of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement highlighted the significance of the Yemenis' pro-Palestinian rallies and called it a part of the country's comprehensive support for Palestine against the Israeli regime.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Delivering a speech on the verge of Ramadan month on Sunday, Abdul Malek Badr ed-Din al-Houthi described the silence of some states to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and called the inertia shameful.

Al-Houthis stressed that the Yemeni nation stands by the Palestinian nation both through the very nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies and through Yemeni ballistic missiles and drones. 

He called the Yemeni people's nationwide rallies as a great positioning toward the issue of Palestine, yet criticizing those in the Islamic world, who has kept silence: "But many of the Islamic ummah became deaf and do not hear these requests and cries, which is a shame."

He noted that some don't understand the importance of this, because it's not just the issue demonstrations, demonstrations are generally related to missile drone strikes against the Israeli regime: "When the US warship is targeted by the missiles and drones in the sea, and these missiles that prevent the ships affiliated with the Israeli enemy from passing through the Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea, it shows that there is a human storm behind it [the operations] that supports the rallies."

Yemen began a military exercise on Saturday evening in Yemen, where the Yemeni forces were planned to hypothetically attack the Israeli regime's Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev desert and take the control of the Israeli nuclear site, military bases, and command centers.

The Yemeni army targets the US and Israel vessels and frigates in the Red Sea, as the vessels go to the occupied territories of Palestine to provide the Israeli regime with logistics and military aid in the war on Gaza. Since October 7, due to the all-out Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the strip has been increasing, exceeding 31,000 while the children are coping with the starvation caused by the Israel war and blockade on Gaza.


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