Tehran (IP) – The Yemeni Army holds a military exercise simulating operations in which it attacks the Israeli Dimona nuclear sites.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The military exercise kicked off on Saturday evening in Yemen, where the Yemeni forces were planned to hypothetically attack the Israeli regime's Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev desert and take control of the Israeli nuclear site, military bases, and command centers.

The special exercise held in the 6th zone of the Yemeni armed forces also simulated the targeting of American and British supplies to Israel.

Drones and heavy and semi-heavy weapons were used in the maneuver. 

The senior member of Yemen's Political Supreme Council referred to the region's development and called the US the loser in the development.

Mohammad-Ali al-Houthi addressed the US: "If Washington thinks that the Yemeni weapons came from abroad, they are mistaken. The missiles that target the ships in the Red Sea are 100% made in Yemen."

He also addressed the Palestinians under the Israeli bombardments: "We stand with you; our military forces are developing and the enemy has found out the precision of the missiles which are capable of hitting the determined targets in the sea."

The Yemeni army targets the US and Israel vessels and frigates in the Red Sea, as the vessels go to the occupied territories of Palestine to provide the Israeli regime with logistics and military aid in the war on Gaza. 

Since October 7, due to the all-out Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the strip has been increasing, exceeding 31,000 while the children are coping with the starvation caused by the Israeli regime's war and blockade on Gaza. 219

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