Afghanistan (IP) - The Head of Afghanistan's Cultural Commission of Shia Scholars says the philosophy of Hajj rituals is the understanding of the common pain of the Muslim Ummah.

Iran PressAsia: Mohammad-Hossein Rezvani Bamiani told Iran Press that getting aware of the cultural, political, and economic status quo as well as the problems of the Muslims were among the social dimensions of Hajj rituals. 

An important philosophy of the Hajj rituals, Rezvani Bamiani said, was the unity of Muslims and their understanding of the common pain of the Muslim Ummah.

He said that during the Hajj rituals, Muslims would become aware of each other's problems in order to solve them.

The Afghan cleric referred to the longstanding pain of the Palestinian and Afghan people and stressed that the problems of the Islamic Ummah in different countries such as Palestine, Bahrain, and Yemen could be solved through the unity of Muslims.


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