IP - Amid the rising coronavirus cases in China, Japan, South Korea, the US, and some other countries, many are concerned about whether India is also heading towards COVID 4th wave shortly.

Iran PressAsia: Chinese hospitals were under intense pressure on Wednesday as a surging wave of Covid-19 infections strained resources in the last major country to move towards treating the virus as endemic.

China rolled back Covid-19 restrictions for the first time since the pandemic began. Now cases are surging, and hospitals are inundated as a wave of Covid sweeps the country.

Staff at Huaxi, a large hospital in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu, said they were swamped for patients with Covid-19, as they have been ever since curbs were eased on Dec. 7.

The current Covid surge in China forced Indian officials to urge people to stay cautious and wear masks.

People traveling from China and four other Asian countries now have to produce a Covid-19 negative test report before entering India.

According to government data, India has only around 3,400 active coronavirus cases. But reports of the surge in China and the memories of two deadly Covid waves in 2020 and 2021 in India have made many people fearful.

China has been struggling with a rush of Covid cases after moving away from its so-called zero-Covid approach, which mandated strict lockdowns, quarantining, and closed borders.

The country is now trying to ramp up vaccinations for its vulnerable elderly population as the case surge strains healthcare systems.

The US government to impose new COVID-19 measures on travelers to the United States from China over concerns about the lack of transparent data coming from Beijing"

The move comes after Japan, India and Malaysia announced stepped-up rules on travelers from China in the last 24 hours, citing a rise in infections there.


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