Gaza(IP)- The attacks of the Israeli regime on various areas of the Gaza Strip have entered its 36th day, and innocent Palestinian people, and medical centers in Gaza are still the targets of the attacks.

Iran PressWest Asia: The Israeli regime army continues to target the oppressed people of Gaza with its barbaric attacks in the shadow of the inaction of the international community and especially the support of some Western countries, including the United States and Britain.

In the meantime, medical centers and medical staff in Gaza are the targets of the Israeli regime's attacks, while according to international laws, health centers must not be the target of attacks.

According to Palestinian sources, the number of martyrs of the attack of the regime on Gaza has crossed 11,000 people, and the number of martyrs and wounded is still increasing.

In addition, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Saturday that 2,700 cases of missing people have been reported under the rubble of houses in the residential areas of the Gaza Strip, and 1,500 of them are children.

With the continuation of brutal attacks by the Israeli regime on Gaza, the leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will participate in the extraordinary meeting of this organization hosted by Saudi Arabia on Saturday and will discuss and issue a joint statement about the war in Gaza.

"Ebrahim Raisi", the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has left for Saudi Arabia to participate in the extraordinary meeting of the leaders of the OIC.


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