The Zionist regime of Israel carried out some of its first airstrikes of the year over the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after the Israeli army claimed that Palestinian groups had targeted the occupied territory with incendiary balloons.

Iran Press/Middle East: Israeli warplanes targeted sites belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Gaza.

Palestinians reported that Israeli warplanes targeted the alleged Hamas targets in northern Gaza Strip, which resulted in a number of explosions.

The Jerusalem Post said the airstrikes were carried out in response to an alleged attack by Palestinians using incendiary balloons. Shortly after the claim, the Israeli army alleged that two missiles hit southern Israel. 

Wednesday's exchange marked the first time this year that two sides have traded attacks in the Gaza Strip region. 

Zionist Regime warplanes, drones, helicopters, and artillery have been targeting various parts of the Gaza Strip in recent weeks.

The Zionist regime has begun a new round of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since December 2017.

Thousands of Palestinians have been martyred and injured in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli land, air and maritime siege since 2006, and its residents face many problems.