Iraqi media reported that a US logistics support convoy was targeted on the way from Basra to Nasiriyah.

Iran PressMiddle East: This is the fourth attack on a US military convoy in Iraq in just one day.

Saberin News previously reported that a US logistics convoy was targeted in the Al-Hilla area of Babil province.

Earlier, the Saberin News channel also reported that a convoy of logistics equipment belonging to the US forces was targeted in Anbar province in western Iraq and another convoy of US Forces was targeted in the vicinity of al-Samawah area in al-Muthanna province, southern Iraq.

In recent months, US convoys carrying logistics equipment for US troops stationed at various military bases in Iraq have been targeted by roadside bombs several times a week, even sometimes daily.

Most Iraqi political groups consider the American forces present in the country as occupiers and emphasize the immediate withdrawal of these forces from Iraq. 219