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  • Salah Zawawi Palestinian ambassador to Tehran
    Salah Zawawi Palestinian ambassador to Tehran

Palestine's ambassador to Tehran has stressed that the new American-Zionist conspiracy, known as the deal of the century, is bound to fail.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to Iran Press, in a speech marking the 71st anniversary of the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland known as 'the Day of Nakba', Palestine's ambassador to Tehran Salah Zawawi said the new American-Zionist plot, the 'Deal of the Century' is bound to fail. He also emphasized that unity and resistance of the Palestinians offers the only way to defeat the plots and schemes of the enemies of Palestine.

US-Zionism huge project

The Palestinian ambassador referred to the indifference of the international community in relation to the issue of Palestine, specially the indifference of Arab countries and the weak stance adopted by the Arab League adding: "It is sad that the Arab countries are divided on the issue of Palestine. The Arab League meetings are just a formality, and nothing new or important ever comes out of these meetings."

Zawawi said: "The Americans and the Zionists have established a strategic alliance with Zionism aiming to dominate regional nations, and the region's wealth and resources."

He added: "The first stage of world Zionist project was the occupation of Palestine in 1948. The original founder of the Zionism movement Theodor Herzl had expressly stated in the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in August of 1897 the formation of a Zionist government and a Zionist state.

Talking at a press conference held in Palestine embassy in Tehran, the Palestinian ambassador poignantly added: "A huge amount of Palestinian blood was spilt, and the Zionist committed innumerable crimes against the Palestinian nation, in order to set up the fake Zionist regime. The Zionist project goes well beyond the occupation of the historic land Palestine. Their project involves the formation of 'a greater Israel', something which is hinted at on maps printed on the back of Israeli bank notes. Their project involves the formation of a Jews-only nation in the Sinai desert, the entire historic land of Palestine, all of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, and much of Iraq and a bit of Saudi Arabia. Thus we are facing a great Zionist project."

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 He added continuing: "Peaceful coexistence of Palestinian people with Zionists is just an illusion because the Zionist regime is an occupier, it is a militant regime by nature, and has never sought peace and calm in this region .

Addressing journalists and reporters at the press conference, Zawawi announced: "I say with certainty that the Zionists will never allow Palestinians to have an independent state of their own, they covet the entire land of Palestine, every inch of Palestinian soil."

Resistance, the only path to defeat US and Israel 

Referring to his loyalty and attachment to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the generous support of Iran for the Palestinian cause, and the great pressure exerted by arrogant powers and Zionism on Iran, and the Iranian resilience, all because of Iran's support for the Palestinians, the ambassador emphasized that Islamic and Arab countries and Muslims should learn lessons from Iran and not shy away from their serious responsibilities towards the city of al-Quds and Palestine.

"The Palestinian people are still on the stage of jihad and martyrdom, and will never miss freeing Palestine until the ultimate victory.

Pointing to the 'Deal of Century' plan, Salah Zawawi called the recent decision of the US president Donald Trump about recognition of al-Quds and recognising Israel's 'sovereignty' over Syria's Golan Height as part of the plan, saying that sooner or later they will hand the entire West Bank to the Zionist enemy, but they must know that the ultimate victory belongs to the Palestinian people. The resistance movement must be supported in all its forms.

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Referring to the recent suspicious sabotage attacks in Fujairah which exploded some tanker, Zawawi considered the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency) and Israel's Mossad  responsible for these incidents; effectively a false flag operation to raise tensions, and justify the aggressive rhetoric of Donald Trump against the Islamic Republic , saying: " The enemy is planning to make an excuse to attack Iran while they accuse Iran of launching these sabotage in the region now."

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The Palestinian ambassador added that since the Saddam Hossein's attack and imposed war of aggression against Iran in the 1980s, the Islamic Republic has just defended itself and never sought war with any country but wants peaceful relationships with neighbours and other countries of the world. 208/211/103 

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