Mar 24, 2019 10:56 Asia/Tehran

Iran's first advanced luxury cruise ship, with a capacity to accommodate 220 passengers, was ceremonially launched into the waters of the Persian Gulf, in Kish Free Zone, in Southern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: The vessel, officially christened "Tarman Top Tours", was made by engineers and specialists of Arvandan Khorramshahr Company and is considered the largest and most advanced passenger ship in the country.

The vessel has international approval and license and can carry up to 80 tons of cargo and 10 cars in addition to 220 passengers.

"Tarman Top Tours" is able to navigate in different weather conditions, and its body is designed and made from light aluminium alloys.

The body of the vessel is designed in two parts to minimize the shaking caused by waves at sea.  104/211/213

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