Mar 17, 2019 11:37 Asia/Tehran

The Iranian President has thanked the Iranian people for their massive turnout at national rallies and marches, emphasizing that the enemies have been unable to force the nation to surrender.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking to a massive crowd who had gathered to welcome him in the southern port city of Bushehr, President Rouhani thanked the great Iranian nation for tolerating economic hardships during the past year, and at the same time for their huge attendance of national rallies, marches and gatherings during this time, showing their unity and solidarity to the world.

President Rouhani pointedly added: "All of us know that the enemies did everything in their power during the past year to pressure us, hoping the people would turn their backs on their religious beliefs and faith. This did not happen of course and the people tolerated all the hardships," Iran Press reported.

He also touched upon his recent three-day visit to Iraq, noting that Tehran-Baghdad relations are not just ties between two governments, but relations between two nations.

President Rouhani then said that the nation’s participation in Islamic Revolution anniversary rallies showed that they will not give in to the pressures of enemies.

Enemies hoped that they could depart the Iranian nation from the Revolution and Islam but people have accepted these pressures and gave a negative response to enemies with a loud voice, Rouhani added.