Feb 21, 2019 09:22 Asia/Tehran
  •  US should revive lost trust: Ghassemi

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that the US should revive the lost trust.

Iran Press/Iran news:  Speaking in a meeting with the chief editor and editorial board of Chinese Global Times Daily on Wednesday,  Bahram Ghassemi added that the US does not want serious talks and should firstly revive the lost trust.

He also said that Iran decides based on the principle of independence and national interests and Tehran's policies do not depend on the view of global powers, IRNA reported.

Commenting on the ongoing tension in Tehran-Washington relations, Ghassemi said that problems have not been caused by Iran and their root cause is unfair sanctions imposed on our country by the US contrary to international regulations and after its leaving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and violating the resolution 2231.

He added that if the US moves one step forward today, it will take the second step tomorrow; global developments testify the US' unending desire; so, one cannot submit to Washington's demands.

Ghassemi recalled that the world is fed up with the US' unilateralism. He also said that resistance of China, Russia and Europe to the US at least politically should be taken one step forward, showing that world conditions have changed compared to the past.

As for Iran's resistance against Washington's policies, Ghassemi said that firstly, we should defend our independence and border integrity.

He also said that furthermore, such factors as Iran's background image of Washington policies; Washington's wrong policies on Middle East, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen; its support for Tel Aviv and its support for extremism in the region; its help for armament of certain regional states and collection of policies, which have resulted in such cases as Taliban, al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS), will make resistance against the US policies justifiable.

As for impact of the US sanctions, Ghassemi added that our people experienced such conditions in the past too and are seriously sensitive over their independence. We can skip the crisis and overcome sanctions.

He said that also, we are monitoring countries' stances in the periods and will judge on them in the future. Ghassemi added that sanctions conditions will not persist and eventually, Iran has the power to make the US understand that it can rectify its record and recognize Iran as an independent state. 105


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