Feb 21, 2019 07:13 Asia/Tehran
  • Bushehr power plant hits 35 billion kWh of electricity: Iranian official

Deputy Head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization said the first unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant generated 35 billion Kilowatt hours of electricity and delivered to the national network.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Ahmadian added that this amount of production is equivalent to saving 55 million barrels of crude oil, as well as preventing the release of over 30 million tons of pollutants.

Ahmadian said that plant will be out of circuit in the first days of the March this year after one year of continuous operation to replace the planned change of fuel, repairs and will revert to the production cycle, according to forecasts in May, IRNA reported.

To out of circuit is a natural process in nuclear power plants, which should be out of production circuit and then refueled, official noted.

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He added that this opportunity is being used to carry out planned repairs, which is also a completely natural process in exploiting this type of power plant set up in Bushehr.

Ahmadian highlighted, the first unit of Bushehr's nuclear power plant is relied on revenues from electricity sales to cover operating and maintenance costs.

Earlier in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sideline of 11 February (22 Bahman) rally, Ahmadian said that Iranian people are more familiar with enrichment, because of the sensitivities in this section, but Iran has had unrivaled achievements in other sections of the nuclear industry.

According to Deputy Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, two other big power plants, each with a capacity of 1000 megawatts are under construction in Bushehr. 105/209


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