Dec 08, 2018 12:42 Asia/Tehran
  • Israel has role in region's terrorist attacks: Iranian Intelligence Minister

Iran's intelligence minister said, the Zionist regime played a role in terrorist attacks of the region including the recent terrorist attacks of Chabahar and Ahvaz.

Iran Press/Iran newsMahmoud Alavi, on the sideline of the second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in Tehran added, the security services, policies and strategies of the Zionist regime played a role in the terrorist attacks of the region, while the United States, unfortunately, supports this terrorism process.

Alavi also said: "From the point of view of US leadership, desirable terrorists, or good terrorists, pursue the same goals as the US itself," Iran Press reported.

His comments came after terrorists attacked the police headquarters in the port of Chabahar in southeastern Iran on Thursday.

An explosive-laden vehicle detonated near the police headquarters in Chabahar, killing two guards and injuring a number of other people, including passersby.

Gunmen attacked a military parade in Ahvaz September 22, killing at least 25 and wounding up to sixty others. 101/211 / 202


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