Oct 10, 2018 08:23 Asia/Tehran

Iran's cyber police chief, General Kamal Hadianfar has stressed that Iran's cyber police cooperates with cyber police units in 170 countries.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday morning, General Hadianfar said growth and development of cyberspace, as well as security of cyberspace is a top concern and priority of not just the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but authorities and governments of many countries.

According to an Iran Press report, Hadianfar added: "Iranian cyber police has online communications and links to cyber police units in  170 countries of the world."

He also said, some countries fear US threats and sanctions and that is why they cooperate with us discreetly, and they don't want this information to be in the public domain. This is why names of third countries is never mentioned in our cooperation.

Hadianfar added: "Iranian cyber police has 148 offices throughout the country and our brand new laboratories have been opened recently."

He pointed out that eight years after cyber police started it's work in Iran, the average length of a trial has been reduced to 22 days.

Hadianfar stressed that while the complexity of cyber crimes has increased in recent years, with cyber crimes becoming more sophisticated, "we have been able to reduce the period of our investigations."

Iranian cyber police chief also said, 51% of  cyber criminals who were identified and arrested had a high school diploma, one percent had a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) while 5% had a Masters degree.

He said, most cyber crimes are committed in Telegram and Instagram space and the vast majority of 'immoral crimes' are committed by men in cyberspace.


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