Dec 05, 2018 15:46 Asia/Tehran

Iran’s Cyber Police Chief, General Kamal Hadianfar has stressed that the first duty of cyber police is to educate the public, warning them about the dangers of cyber-crime, and how to protect themselves from it.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of a meeting of Iran's cyber police chiefs on Wednesday, General Kamal Hadianfar emphasized cyber police have made an effort to inform the general public about cyber-crime in collaboration with the national broadcaster, IRIB, and other media outlets.

According to Iran PressHadianfar added: "One of the ways in which we try to inform the public is through holding of press conferences, such as this one, and there have been a series of motion graphic software packages produced and given to IRIB to inform, train and educate the public on how to use cyberspace and how to avoid cyber-crime." 

Iran’s Cyber Police Chief added: "We hope that with preventative measures undertaken by cyber police and with a public information campaign, which is the responsibility of IRIB and other media outlets, the public will become better informed about cyber-crime in general, and techniques used by criminals in particular, and hopefully we will witness a substantial  reduction in cyber-crime  rates in the future." 101/211

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