Dec 05, 2018 08:25 Asia/Tehran

A spokesman for the Iranian parliament's executive board, and senior MP, Behrouz Nemati has said budget discussions this Thursday have been postponed and the president will present next year's (1398) budget bill to Parliament on 16 December.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press correspondent, Behrouz Nemati, added,  President Rouhani will tender next year's budget bill to Parliament on 16 December, and therefore the parliamentary session next Thursday has been canceled.

According to the Iranian parliament's internal rules, next year's budget bill should be handed over to the Majlis (parliament) by 6th December each year.

Senior MP Nemati said: "The Majlis is ready to receive the budget bill by 6th December deadline, but because of a parliamentary recess next week, when MPs will be visiting their constituencies, and because of President Rouhani's travels this week, we are ready to receive the budget bill on 16 December."

Asked to comment about the projected revenues from oil sales and the forecast for the price of US dollar, Behrouz Nemati said: "The total budget for next year (2019 - 1398 on Iranian calendar) is about four hundred and sixty thousand billion toumans and the price of the dollar was forecast to be 5700 (five thousand seven  hundred)  toumans."

Nemati added: "As far as our oil exports for next year are concerned, we have penciled in one-and-a-half million barrels of crude oil exported at a price of  $ 54  per  barrel."   101/202/211


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