Nov 04, 2018 16:53 Asia/Tehran
  • MP: we should use the capacities inside the country to counter Iran Action Group in the US

An Iranian parliamentarian representing Shahin Shahr and Meymeh in Isfahan province, Hossein-Ali Haji-Deligani has said that we should use the capacities inside the country to counter "Iran Action Group" in the US

Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Hossein-Ali Haji-Deligani said: "While Iran has only one percent of the world's land (in terms of area), about seven percent of the world's underground resources are located in Iran."

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Asked about Iran Action Group which has been formed in the US, and what shall Iranian people do to counter this group, he said: "The best reaction against "Iran Action Group" is to use the capacities that we have inside the country."

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Hossein-Ali Haji-Deligani added: "Ministers and all members of parliament and different parts of the state believe that we are able to make a profit out of resources that we have in our country."

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Iranian MP went on to say: "Parliament members have cancelled their work today with the aim of attending this rally, which signifies the fact that Iranian MPs believe the US is not a trustworthy country. It is great that all parliamentarians in Iran don't trust the United States. I want to thank all Iranian MPs who have attended 4 November rallies and demonstrations.

Majlis public session  was ended earlier at 10:10 am so that the  parliamentarians could participate in ceremonies and rallies marking 4 November.

4th November is known in Iranian calendar as a national day of fight against global arrogance.


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