Oct 28, 2018 07:55 Asia/Tehran

The chairman of Iranian Parliament's national security and foreign policy commission, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, has said it was a strategic mistake for the United States to choose 4 November (13 Aban) as the date for reintroduction of sanctions against Iran.

Iran news: In an interview with Iran Press on Saturday night, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said: "4 November is a reminder of the revolutionary spirit of the Iranian nation, and this US mistake will further unite the Iranian nation. Choosing 4 November as the date for re-imposition of sanctions against Iran was a definite blunder since this will only bring the Iranian nation and government closer together, solidly united."

Falahatpisheh added: "The Iranian people understand the realities of the situation. Then policies pursued by the government has prepared us to overcome US sanctions. Our foreign currency reserves are at a record high -- their highest levels ever. All essential items are available. There are no shortages of commodities and goods. The nation is tightening its belt, making good savings. The nation is fully prepared to take on and beat US sanctions."

The senior Iranian MP added: "I believe the US won't achieve any of its aims and objectives on 4 November.  Iran's diplomacy is very active as well. Iran wants to engage in two-way diplomacy. The world, particularly Europe, has come to understand that it is better to do business with Iran, to trade with Iran, and to deal with Iran as a partner. Our major trading partners includes Russia, China, all neighbouring and regional countries, as well as Europe. Our non-oil exports are at their highest levels. Eventually, the US will be forced to come to the negotiating table with Iran, when their sanctions have proven to be useless."

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Asked about Khashoggi's murder, Falahatpisheh said: "Khashoggi's murder indicates the savagery and viciousness of those who murdered him. The savagery of this murder is so horrific that we must not allow diplomatic considerations to stop us from forthrightly condemning this vicious and brutal murder.

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Falahatpisheh added: "I must thank the government of Turkey  which up to now has not allowed diplomatic niceties and diplomatic considerations to get in the way of investigating this brutal murder, and roundly condemning it. In Iran, too, we have had martyrs who have been cut into pieces or beheaded  such as Martyr Hojjaji."

The senior Iranian MP went on to say: "The vicious and savage people who murdered Jamal Khashoggi are unfortunately being supported by Western countries, and they access to the most lethal of weaponry and they  are being funded and supported by the West."

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